The Alberta March for Life Association is an independent pro-life group whose mission is to promulgate the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death and the dignity of disabled people.

Our main objective is to conduct an annual peaceful outdoor march where invited speakers would speak about pro-life issues, to share information, and raise public awareness.

We welcome all persons who support pro-life ideals and are open to partnering and cooperating with organizations which promote and advance our mission.

History of the Alberta March for Life

march-16-1In the autumn of 2007, a group of nine Edmonton pro-life supporters identified the need to provide the forum for the public expression and witness principally (though not exclusively) in support of the unborn who remain unprotected from possible death through abortion in Canada.

This committee organized the first March for Life which was held on Sunday, May 4th, 2008. Its theme was “Building a Culture of Life". The Rally was held St. Joseph’s Basilica at 2:00 p.m. and the March began with approximately 400 participants. They all walked on Jasper Avenue and then headed to the Legislature Building where the Honourable Ken Epp, former MP, Denise Mountenay of Silent No More, Joe Scheidler from Chicago, Mark Pickup, Joanne Byfield, Karen Richart, and Patrice Roussel addressed the marchers.

The second annual March for Life was held on Thursday, May 7th, 2009. The 1:00 p.m. March Rally at the Legislature Grounds had for its theme “Life is the only Choice”. The attendees listened to the guest speakers including the Honourable Ken Epp, former MP, Ted Morton, MLA, Pastor Gary Rohr, Archbishop Frederick Henry, Archbishop Richard Smith, Brad Cody, lawyer, Wally Streit, Darlene Imough of Silent No More, Mark Pickup, author and writer, Nicole Severin from Go Life U of A., Denise Mountenay from Silent No More, Tony Sykora from the Catholic School Board, Alberta State Deputy of the K. of C., Amanda Phillips from The Back Porch, and Fr. Paul Moret. An estimated 750 marchers proceeded in a lively walk downtown, had a stop at Sir Winston Churchill Square where four speakers presented their pro-life message. Then, the participants marched back to the Legislature where seven more speakers addressed the marchers. Rev. Gary Rohr closed the event with a powerful prayer. In support of the March, a Holy Mass was celebrated at St. Joseph’s Basilica by the five Alberta Roman Catholic Bishops, namely Archbishop Richard Smith, Bishop David Motiuk of the Ukrainian Eparchy, Bishop Frederick Henry of Calgary, Archbishop Gerard Pettipas, C.Ss.R. of Grouard-McLennan, and Bishop Luc Bouchard St. Paul.

march-16-2The growing experience and incremental development of this annual March caused this group of volunteer pro-life advocates to grow likewise. Along with this experience and internal development within this developing organization came the need to adopt the name The Alberta March for Life Association which bears its purpose.

The Alberta March for Life continued to improve its internal operations and the numbers of marchers continued to increase. In 2010 attendance rose to about 1,300, however in 2011 attendance fell dramatically to 400 marchers. After re-doubling our efforts in 2012, the growing numbers rose to about 1,500. Then, in February, 2013, a provisional board called Testimonium Pro Vitae was struck to organize the 2013 Alberta March for Life. Approximately 2,300 people attended the March which marked an increase of about 800 people from the 2012 March and so considered an improvement.

The 2014 Alberta March for Life was attendance approximately 3,600 people, an increase about 50% and surveys of those attending indicating virtually all who participated are planning on attending next year again. The March also received the strong support of the attendance of five Catholic bishops. Be an advocate for life by continuing to speak about this great travesty of our age. Remind others you know that they too can make an impact that will result in thousands more beautiful children given the dignity of life each year!